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Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat – Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat - Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat: Kalsarp Dosh Pooja is delightful and convenient. Get in touch with our Guruji if you want to carry out a Kal Sarp Yog puja in Trimbakeshwar. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in Kal Sarp dosh. The first thing that will be is for Guruji to verify your Kundali for Kalsarpa yoga and determine which sort of Kal Sarp dosh you have out of 12. After that, they will advise you on the most effective treatment for it. Get to know here about Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat.

त्र्यंबकेश्वर कालसर्प दोष पूजा की लागत और मुहूर्त हिंदी में पढ़ें। यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost – Trimbakeshwar

The amount of money & dates required to do a Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat might vary widely depending on where it is and who does it.

The Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost & Muhurat at a hall outside of the temple is Rs 1500/-.
The fee for completing an individual Kalsarpa Shanti puja is 2500 rupees.
Also, kaal sarp yog puja fee is Rs 5500 for individual puja with kalsarp maha puja with 3 pandits and rahu ketu jaap.
The expense of doing the Trimbakeshwar Kal Sarp Puja is not very high. It is for folks of all different skill levels. In other words, a member of any social level is welcome to attend this Pooja, not only those from the upper or lower classes. The fee of the Trimbakeshwar Pooja includes lunch for each participant.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost

Kaalsarp Puja is the only treatment that can reverse the adverse effects and balance the dosha.
The kaal sarp puja in Trimbakeshwar cost in a group setting (also known as Samuhik Puja) is 1100 INR for each participant.
A fee of 2100 INR is for pitra dosh puja in Trimbakeshwar and cost.
The cost of doing Maha Puja, which requires brand new samagri, three brahmans, Rudra Abhishek, Rahu-Ketu Jaap, and Kaal Sarp Puja, is 5,100 Indian Rupees (INR).

Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Dosh Pooja Cost Muhurat 2022

First, a puja must be performed by the individual of their own will for each difficulty or dosh.
Second, you must always do each Pooja while wearing clean and new garments.
In addition, the behavior of Narayan Nagbali and Tripindi at the time of Nagpanchami or Pritrupaksha is inappropriate and not tolerated.
As a result, the success of a puja needs to be determined by the astrology of the one doing it.
In addition, the length of the Puja did not coincide with the menstrual cycle of the ladies residing in the home.
In addition, those who are aged or ill should do the Puja at their own risk.
As a result, kids need to have a responsible party accompany them.

Narayan Bali Puja Cost

The Narayan Bali ceremony aims to fulfill the unmet needs of the ancestors’ spirits, who are now in this world and cause problems for their offspring. The ceremony of Narayan Bali follows the same pattern as a Hindu burial. They utilize wheat flour to create an artificial body for themselves. Mantras are the tools that Pandits use to make requests of the spirits of those who have several wants still connected to them. Their corpse becomes their property during the ceremony, and the funeral prepares them for the next realm.

Trimbakeshwar narayan nagbali puja costs in the range of Rs. 7000/- INR to Rs.8000/- INR to do this Pooja. The individual is expected to carry fresh attire. This expenditure does not cover the expense of doing so.
The price of a room at the hotel begins at 500 Indian Rupees.
One hundred rupees is for each dish of the meal.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Cost

You may begin at any convenient point throughout the Shraadha.
Put on white clothing for this event.
You have the option of reciting 16 mala of this mantra in a single day, or you may say 4 mala each day for the next 4 days.
Additionally, one might chant one mala of this mantra to complete 16 shraadh.
After you’ve finished, you should share part of the food with the Brahmins or the cows.
Additionally, you may donate to Brahmins, cows, and the needy.

The price of the Pitra Dosh Puja is 5500 Indian Rupees (INR). It comprises the Pooja Samugri and food and accommodation arrangements for two people for each Pooja. After the completion of the Pooja, individuals will offer this.

Rudrabhishek Puja Cost at Trimbakeshwar

The rigorous preparations for the Rudrabhishek puja need to be before the beginning of the Rudra Abhishek ceremony. The Asanas, or seats, for Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati, and the Pandit meticulously prepare any other gods, goddesses, and the Navagrahas. Before beginning the Puja, the worship of Ganesh and the invocation of the Lord are performed to ensure that the ritual will be out effectively and result in the desired outcome. Another essential part of the ritual is chanting the Sankalp, also as the determination explaining why the Puja is done. Poojas often last about an hour. The cost of doing this Pooja is anywhere between one thousand and two thousand Indian rupees (INR).

Maha Mrityunjaya Puja Cost at Trimbakeshwar

The price of the Pooja is on the kind of yagya that performs and the number of times that the mantras are there.
The Maha Mrityunjaya pooja is performed over three to four days and often costs Rs. 40,000 and Rs.50,000 to complete.
Following the recitations is when the Havan will take place. The number of recitations will determine the size of the Havan, which might be small, medium, or large.

Tripindi Shradha Puja at Trimbakeshwar Cost

The Puja Samagri will determine the cost of the Tripindi Shradha Puja that Guruji will employ. Tripindi Shradha Puja costs around Rs 2,251 to Rs 3,001. Following the puja Vidhi, the amount of Dakshina given is at the discretion of the devotee or determined based on the circumstances. It is necessary to carry out this ritual according to the directions in the “Grihya sutras,” which should be done so under the direction of knowledgeable individuals.

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